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#How to handle a difficult parent

As we all know, parenting does not come with a handbook, and like everything else in life, some people are better at parenting than others. Sometimes, it is not so much about our actual parenting style as about our compatibility with our children, after all, we are all people who have different personalities and interests. In other cases, it might be a parenting style isn’t suited to a particular developmental stage.

As you’ve probably started to realise, this is a very complex and multi-faceted subject and it would be impossible to do it justice in one article. The fact is that our childhood and upbringing, and more importantly, our own parenting influences our beliefs about ourselves and others, and those perceptions become the filters through which we interpret every encounter and experience in our adulthood.

Follow the link to find out more about the four common types of difficult parent: "The overcritical", "The overcontrolling parent/ The martyre", "The aloof parent", and "The hot and cold parent", and a ten step guide.


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