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Lanesbrough Hall HB cover_edited_edited.jpg
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A family saga, fateful secrets and an ancestral home with a touch of magic, Lanesbrough Hall tells the compelling story of two women whose lives are connected across time, and their journey of love, loss and intrigue.

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Scotland 1953: Mimi leaves her beloved Lanesbrough Hall and her teenage love, Will, behind, to start university in St Andrews. When she meets Glen at a party, she is convinced she has found her new life full of glamour and independence away from the Hall. But destiny, it seems, has other plans for her. Torn between passion and convention Mimi has to navigate her journey from a young, carefree girl on the cusp of adulthood, to a lifetime of responsibility and secrecy that forever tie her to Lanesbrough Hall. 


London 2019: Isabelle’s ordered life as an ambitious doctor takes a dramatic turn when she unexpectedly inherits Lanesbrough Hall, her family’s ancestral estate in Scotland. While browsing through her grandmother’s diaries, Isabelle discovers long-buried secrets that have the power to bring everyone she loves closer together—or tear them forever apart. Determined to protect her family’s future, Isabelle must step into the past and rewrite their history.

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